Maximum Verbosity

Lewis Powell
I grew up right outside Chicago (Deerfield), I went to college in upstate New York (University of Rochester), and now I am studying for my Ph.D. (in Philosophy) here in L.A. ( at USC) I am a computer geek, though I'm only kind of millitant about it. Well, to be more precise, I can refrain from being millitant about either. I like to talk to interesting articulate people who disagree with me. I like to analyze and overanalyze.

I remember the first time I saw the episode of Sesame Street where Mr. Hooper had died, and Big Bird didn't know what that meant. When I was much younger, I used to hide under the covers with a flashlight so that I could read after my bedtime.

I wish that I could sing well, mainly so that I could sing along to the radio whether or not other people are around.

I spend my time these days in class, doing work for class, watching tv/movies, or riding my bike (recreationally, not like, racing or whatever). I'm in my first year at USC's Philosophy Ph.D. program. After that I'll be trying to get as a professor of philosophy at a university. I am also working on teaching myself Lisp and Python.

I have a favorite mathemetician (Georg Cantor, with Euclid in a close second).

Outside of philosophy, I interest myself in video games, computers, and various forms of storytelling (such as: books, television, movies, short stories, etc.).